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  • About Author Jessa Stephens

    Jessa Stephens is a mother, a sister, and a best friend. She is also an author who loves creating love stories that stand the test of time...with a little suspense and laughter in there, too.
    Her Mother gave her a love for reading, which grew into a love for writing.
    Jessa's writing reflects on aspects of the average Jane or Joe's day to day life. Some of her work reflects on abuse of all types.

    After she watched as friends were abused and saw children come into the hospital bruised--or worse. She wanted to give them a voice. Jessa researched every aspect of abuse. In her work, she empowers them. In real life, she works closely with protective services.

    Her characters are very easy to relate to. She has the ability to suck you into her books, make you sense their emotions, and feel their pain, fear, or joy.
    Jessa currently has four novels in contest around the globe. Once they are released from the contest they will be released to you.

    She's a member of the #RWA , #AuthorU , #BookLife and #ASMSG.

    Learning to Love Again

    The song that Bree and Ryder danced to in the kitchen.

    Ryder’s knee came up between her legs, and she felt his firm thigh slide against where she desperately wanted him. Breathe, Bree. Reminding herself, as she felt the moisture build between the apex of her legs. Her mouth formed a perfect O at the sensation.

    He had her drawn tightly to him, as he grinds against her. Ryder had his face buried in her neck. She’s so intoxicating!

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