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    by Dianne Noble


    This is what happens when talent and research meet! Great read!


    Dianne Noble created well developed characters. They were realistic and can easily be related to. The setting is in India, which I have never been to, but she has such a talented in making you feel you are right there and in the moment. Dianne had me from beginning to end. I highly recommend this to everyone. I can't wait to read more from Diane. Excellent, excellent job!



    Morrow's Horizon (The Morrow Women Series Book 1)

    by Sierra Kummings


    Book one down... Bring on book two!

    You know how you get tired of the same thing over and over again? Morrow's Horizon was NOT same ole nothing! It was very refreshing to read a book that has unexpected twist and turns that kept me guessing. If you wasn't told this was Sierra's debut novel, you'd think she has been writing FOREVER! I love that it has an HEA and am curious for book two in the Morrow Women Series! I recommend this to those who are ready for a change and an excellent read. I look forward to more from this author.




    John Bishop is every woman's dream! (Just saying!) He is also a hero!

    You can tell that Bishop’s War is very close to the author’s heart due to the fine-tuned details that seemed to flow from Mr. Hines into the story line. The characters are very well developed…Our hero Sargent John Bishop was off-the-hook great! (Can I get one of him? Hmm...) His character came to life with every page, you could sense the fire that burned inside of him which left you wanting to jump inside the book and work right beside him. The story line was very well developed and flowed perfectly.
    The day the Twin Towers were flown into, not only did New York grieve, all of America grieved with them. I remember it as if it was yesterday.
    In my opinion, no one but Mr. Hines could have written this book as perfectly as he did. You can sense the hard research time that went into his work with a fast, twisting plot, which involved the war on terror on our American streets in New York City, that led us to Afghanistan, the Government corruption was right on target, and a family crime syndicate.
    This book completely engulfs you, and you don’t want to put it down. When you’re finished, it is as if you’ve lost a part of you. Very well done Mr. Hines, such fabulous work that should remind everyone to live life to the fullest each and every single day for tomorrow isn’t promised.​



    Ten Days In Paradise: An unforgettable love story and family drama set on beautiful Sanibel Island
    By Linda Abbott


    Totally was not what I expected... It was much more!


    This was not what I expected... It was much, much more! Linda Abbott has a way of not only developing wonderful characters, but (with several) made it very easy to follow. This book touched me in many ways: love, life, real life situations. I think mainly it pulled to me how we all want to feel that special love and intimacy with our soul mate. Also, at the end of the day, we want serenity--so to speak. Some times people think things are better on the other side...until the get a taste of it. All relationship--dating, marriage, friendship--they all take work. We should be willing to put that work in. EXCELLENT! Please, if you've not read this... get it.



    Dream Angel (An Angel Novel Book 1)
    By Jane West


    I loved it!


    I don't believe in giving the book away and spoiling it for other readers. However, I must say that Stevie had my heart wrapped around her little finger. She endured so much and you could feel her anguish and misery; I wanted to pull her to me and let her know all will be okay. Author Jane West really pulls you in with the story line...so much that you have to have book 2 on the ready. Now, Sara...that girl needed a good southern butt kicking...don't get me started on that evil troll. Back to Stevie, you can feel her grow throughout the book and you just cannot help but fall in love with her. Amazing job on this novel. Can't wait to read book 2! I highly recommend this for all readers!​



    Dream Angel (An Angel Novel Book 1)
    By Jane West


    I loved how it picked up were book 1 left off!


    Just like I hoped it would...picked up where the 1st book ended! Stevie, is much stronger in this book but she is a typical teen...made mistakes in her choices. Her character still has my heart, even if I did want to sit her down and give her a talking to a few times. She has been living in a nightmare for the last three years. She wanted to put the past in the past and move on with her life...who could blame her. Author Jane West gives us those unexpected twist she's famous for and they are all in danger. I highly recommend this all paranormal readers and non-paranormal readers...it is that good.​



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